The Best Swags in Australia for 2023

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Swags are the ultimate camping solution for many Australian adventurers. They are portable, convenient, and hold up well in almost all weather conditions.

However, as a product that will be used in remote locations, and one that you want to last for years to come, it’s important to choose a high-quality swag from a trusted brand.

To help you in your search we’ve analysed the best swags on the market in Australia and assessed them against a range of important criteria including size, material quality, and features.

Top Pick: Darche Dusk To Dawn Dome Swag

Material: 420gsm ripstop canvas
Size: 215cm x 140cm x 80cm
Weight: 15kg

Pros: High-quality, great for stargazing, spacious, cross ventilation, metal D-rings
Cons: Can be difficult to roll up alone, no boot bag

Darche Dusk To Dawn Swag Review

The Dusk to Dawn dome swag is high-quality, well-designed, and frequently ranks as one of the top swags in Australia. It’s our pick as the best swag for most campers as is a great all-arounder. This swag suits 4×4 touring, fishing trips, and general car camping.

This dome swag has seen some recent upgrades with the latest version offering an increase in mattress thickness up to 70mm mattress and a new tapered dome to add stability.

The spacious interior measures 215cm x 140cm with a height of 80cm, large enough for 2 people but also very suitable for single use.

The Dusk To Dawn uses a traditional 3 pole design and features full-length mesh side panels that stop insects from entering, while also offering unobstructed views of the night sky.

This swag is also one of the more weatherproof options on our list, with storm covers that can be secured if needed and will keep campers dry and comfortable.

Best Value: Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag

Material: 400gsm ripstop cotton canvas
Size: 210cm x 155cm x 100cm
Weight: 16.9kg

Pros: Spacious, budget-friendly, easy to set up
Cons: Hard to pack away, sides can sag reducing the inside space

Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag Review

The Adventure Kings name is never far away when it comes to affordable camping and 4×4 gear.

Arguably the most common swag in the Aussie bush, the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe is the best swag for occasional campers or those who want a spacious and budget-friendly option.

It is one of the tallest options on our list with a height of 100cm, matched only by the Oztent RS-1.

This is a big swag. Its length is 210cm and it is the widest on our list with a width of 155cm. Combine this with the queen-sized 70mm high-density open-cell foam mattress inside and you get an exceptionally spacious and comfortable swag that can easily accommodate 2 adults.

All of this space does come at a cost though. The weight of this swag is 16.9kg, it can be difficult to put away, and it remains large when rolled up. This means it isn’t the best option for chucking on the backseat of a small car as it is more likely going to need to go on the roof.

This swag uses high-quality materials, most notably the 400gsm ripstop canvas and the large, durable zippers. If you’re new to camping or you’re looking for an affordable swag, this one is worth considering.

Great All-Around: OZtrail Mitchell Expedition Single Swag

Material: 300gsm SatProof ripstop canvas
Size: 210cm x 83cm x 64cm
Weight: 6.3kg

Pros: Budget-friendly, lightweight, durable, lots of ventilation
Cons: Thin mattress, no storage bag

OZtrail Mitchell Expedition Swag Review

The Oztrail Mitchell Expedition is a basic but reliable single swag that is well suited to use in warmer weather. The ventilation on this swag is excellent and when the canvas is rolled back you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the night sky.

This swag does not have a center ridge pole like most swags, instead, it uses 3 curved poles, one at each end and one in the middle. This means there is not a pole across the length of the swag which allows better access from the top. As this is a one-person swag, the top access design works well.

This is the lightest swag on our list thanks to the combination of SatProof fabric and 300gsm canvas. The canvas is thinner than the material used on the other swags listed making it better suited to warmer/ drier conditions.

One of the downsides to this swag is the 50mm mattress thickness. This is one of the thinner options so may not be the most comfortable but can easily be switched out or upgraded to improve your sleep.

Great for Stargazing: Weisshorn Double Camping Swag

Material: 400gsm ripstop canvas
Size: 215cm x 150cm x 60-90cm
Weight: 15.5kg

Pros: Easy to set up, good quality compact carry bag, durable, well ventilated
Cons: Better suited to dry weather/light rain than harsh conditions

Weisshorn Double Swag Review

The Weisshorn Double Camping Swag is an affordable option that’s ideal for weekend trips. It is one of the more spacious double swags on the market, being only slightly smaller than the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe.

This double swag offers 90cm of height at the head end and this gradually lowers to 60cm at the foot end so there is enough space to sit up and move around.

The high density foam mattress thickness is 40mm so it isn’t the thickest or most luxurious on this list but offers enough protection from the hard ground for a couple of nights of camping.

One of the best features of the Weisshorn Double Camping Swag is the mesh panels. The sky dome mesh allows you to lay back and look out at the starry sky without any poles or canvas in the way. Although there is a 400 gsm canvas cover for wet and cold weather conditions. The PVC bucket floor also ensures moisture and dew don’t get in through the floor.

All in all, this double swag is heavy-duty with a comfortable sleeping area. It’s great for occasional trips and it packs away into a compact bag for excellent portability.

Great for Overlanding: Crashpad Desert Swag

Material: 410gsm hard coat canvas
Size: 205cm x 100cm x 73cm
Weight: 13kg

Pros: High-quality materials and construction, large canvas carry bag, 70mm mattress, ease of use
Cons: Plastic buckles on the wrap straps

Crashpad Desert Swag Review

The Crashpad Desert Swag is an excellent choice for frequent campers and overlanding trips of any length.

One of the first things that stands out about this camping swag is the 410 gsm canvas. This is thicker and more durable than almost all the swags listed (only the Darche Dawn to Dusk and the Wanderer Contour have higher ratings) and offers excellent protection from the elements.

Something else we love about the Desert Swag is the oversized canvas carry bag that comes with it. This carry bag is designed with the user in mind; it opens wide, has grab handles on each side, and has an additional pocket for pegs. The large size makes it quick and easy to pack the swag away, even with a sleeping bag and pillow still inside.

The Desert Swag comes in king single and double sizes. Both options come with a 70mm thick posture foam mattress. This mattress is comfortable and the protective water-resistant cover ensures it is easy to keep clean and dry.

Good Budget Option: XTM 4×4 Double Swag

Material: 400gsm SatProof ripstop canvas
Size: 215cm x 140cm x 83cm
Weight: 14kg

Pros: Spacious, user-friendly, low cost, good ventilation
Cons: 50mm mattress, carry bag is not durable

XTM 4×4 Double Swag Review

The XTM 4×4 Double Swag is one of the more affordable swags on the market. It offers the same size sleeping area as the Darche Dusk to Dawn with a couple of extra cm in height.

The 400 gsm ripstop canvas is good quality and once seasoned can handle most weather conditions.

However, unlike some swags on the market, the material of the XTM storage bag is not the same as the swag and this means the bag is less durable and seems to be more vulnerable to tearing. This swag also uses alloy poles that are lightweight but not as heavy-duty as other options.

With that said, the XTM 4×4 is a good option for first-time campers and those going on occasional trips. It can be up and ready to use in just 5 minutes and is great for those on a budget.

Fast Set Up: Oztent RS-1 King Single Swag

Material: Ripstop polyester
Size: 215cm x 105cm x 100cm
Weight: 16.5kg

Pros: Fast set up, awning, high-quality, 100cm headroom
Cons: Thin mattress, large pack size, heavy

Oztent RS-1 Swag Review

The Oztent RS-1 is a sturdy and spacious single swag that uses the same 30 second setup frame as the Oztent RV tents. This means the swag can be set up and put down quickly and offers a more robust, rectangular shape rather than the traditional dome style.

The frame also adds the benefit of height with the swag offering a head height of 100cm. This is the tallest camping swag on our list, matched by the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag, and means users can sit inside comfortably.

The swag has been upgraded so it now features more ventilation points and a thicker 40mm removable, foldable mattress as opposed to the 25mm mattress seen in the first version.

One of the unique features of the Oztent RS-1 is the built-in awning. This awning is double-sided with one reflective side and one side the same as the swag. This can be set up as a regular awning or it can be pulled back over the swag to help reflect the heat during summer.

Affordable and Durable: Wanderer Contour Double Swag

Material: 450gsm ripstop cotton canvas
Size: 215cm x 140cm x 83cm
Weight: Not listed

Pros: Good value, comfortable, spacious, excellent quality canvas
Cons: Carry bag is small, swag is difficult to roll with the mattress inside

Wanderer Contour Swag Review

The Contour is one of the premium swags in the Wanderer range. It offers good value for money and is a reliable choice for camping in any weather.

One of the biggest positives of this swag is the thick 450gsm ripstop polycotton canvas. This is the thickest canvas of the swags listed meaning it offers better insulation, waterproofing, and durability. The downside to this is the swag is going to be heavier and likely less breathable in warm weather.

Something else we love about this swag is the 70mm high-density foam mattress. This is comfortable and offers enough padding without needing to take additional blankets or mattresses on your trip. The thick mattress does impact how easy the swag is to roll up and pack away, this is made more difficult by the short wrap straps and small storage bag.

Overall, this double swag is an excellent heavy-duty option that can handle camping trips at any time of year.

Swag Comparison Table

SwagOur VerdictMaterialFloor MaterialSizeHeightWeightMattressNumber of PolesDoorsStorage Bag?Warranty
Darche Dusk to DawnTop Pick420gsm ripstop canvasPVC bucket floor215cm x 140cm80cm15kg70mm high density foam32Yes2 years
Kings Big Daddy DeluxeBest Value400gsm ripstop canvasPVC bucket floor210cm x 155cm100cm16.9kg70mm high density open cell foam32No1 year
Oztrail Mitchell ExpeditionGreat All-Around Option300gsm Satproof Ripstop CanvasPVC vinyl shield floor210cm x 83cm64cm6.3kg50mm high density open cell foam31No1 year
Weisshorn DoubleGreat for Stargazing400gsm ripstop canvas500gsm PVC215cm x 150cm60-90cm15.5kg40mm21Yes1 year
Crashpad DesertGreat for Overlanding410gsm hard coat canvas600gsm PVC205cm x 100cm73cm13kg70mm thick posture foam mattress32Yes2 years
XTM 4×4Good Budget Option400gsm ripstop canvasPVC215cm x 140cm83cm14kg50mm foam32Yes1 year
Oztent RS-1Fast Set UpRipstop polyester350gsm PVC215cm x 105cm100cm16.5kg40mm21Yes1 year
Wanderer ContourAffordable and Durable450gsm ripstop canvasPVC bucket floor215cm x 140cm83cmNot listed70mm high density foam32Yes/

Swag Buying Guide

As you can see, swags come in all shapes and sizes. Each swag has something slightly different to bring to camping trips so it’s important to know which features you need. This buying guide will help you find the best swag for your adventures.

Swag Type

There are two main swag types to be aware of:

Dome Style

This is the most popular type of swag in Australia. It uses a couple of aluminium poles to give the swag shape. Dome swags are great for space, airflow, and ease of use but do tend to be heavy and there is a risk of the poles breaking.

Stretcher Swag

A stretcher swag is the combination of a dome swag and a stretcher. The stretcher gets you off of the ground which makes it easier to get in and out of the swag and also helps to keep you and your gear away from the elements.

Stretcher swags are heavier, more expensive, and do have a lot of parts.


There are four swag sizes available:

  • Biker Swag – the smallest and most portable swag is the biker swag. This is the best swag for motorcycle touring. They are quite small but are convenient for one person.
  • Single Swag – the single swag is a lightweight option that offers a bit more room than the biker swag. The single swag is good for solo use.
  • King Single Swag – the king single swag is a larger option that offers more headroom, length and width great for taller or larger people. The king single swag offers enough space to move around and plenty of room for gear but they can be bulky.
  • Double Swag – the largest option is the double swag, which offers enough room for two people and gives lots of space for moving around. These swags often offer convenient two-way entry but they are large and bulky which means they can be difficult to roll up and pack away alone.


The vast majority of swags are made from ripstop polycotton canvas. The biggest difference between them is the weight of the canvas used. The swags we have reviewed use a canvas of between 300gsm – 450gsm. Generally speaking, the heavier the weight, the more durable the material.

If you need a lightweight swag, look at the 300gsm options as these will be lighter and easier to move around but will not be quite as tough as the heavier swags.


Most swags use a PVC bucket floor that is completely waterproof. The bucket floor helps to protect the bottom of the swag as well as the lower sides to prevent moisture from creeping in.

Some swags may only have a canvas floor so it’s best to place a tarp down underneath it to provide some protection between the canvas and the ground.

Mattress Thickness

For an adult to have a good, comfortable night of sleep a mattress thickness of 60mm+ is best. The thinner mattresses are okay but you can usually still feel the bumps on the floor and you may also feel the cold too.

The advantage of a thinner mattress is being able to roll up the swag easily after use and pack it away compactly. However, if you are going to be camping in the swag for many nights then a slightly thicker mattress will improve your quality of sleep.


One of the key considerations when choosing a swag is ventilation. Good ventilation ensures the enclosed space of the swag doesn’t get stuffy or develop condensation. Airflow is important for comfort inside the swag, regardless of the weather.

The best swags offer flexible ventilation options with multiple windows and mesh panels so you can adjust the amount of airflow as needed.

Storage Pockets

As swags are quite small it is very handy to have one or two storage pockets for keeping valuable such as car keys, phone, or a flashlight within reach. These internal pockets prevent losing smaller items in your sleeping bag or down the side of the mattress.

Well placed storage pockets may seem like a small feature but it can they are a convenience that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Some swags also come with a protected area or a waterproof boot bag to store boots outside.

Storage Bag

The best swag is easy to set up and pack away, and an important part of this is having a quality storage bag.

A quality bag is great for keeping the swag in good condition in between uses and makes it easier to carry around. The bag should be large enough and strong enough to hold the swag when it is rolled up. Handles, a strong zipper and additional pockets are worthwhile features on these bags.


Look for a swag from a reliable brand that is covered by a warranty. Most swags have a one-year warranty and some premium options offer a two-year warranty.

One of the common issues with a swag is the poles breaking or getting damaged. If a pole breaks you want to make sure the swag is covered by warranty and is supported by excellent customer service.

Swag FAQ

How do you pick a good swag?

A good swag is easy to set up, durable, and comes with a comfortable mattress. Look for a swag made from high-quality canvas made by a reliable brand such as Darche, Oztent, or Crashpad.

What size mattress is a Kings swag?

The Kings Big Daddy Deluxe comes with a queen-sized 70mm mattress.

How long is the Big Daddy Deluxe?

The Big Daddy Deluxe is 210cm long.

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