The Best Kids Sleeping Bags in Australia for 2023

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Some kids sleep better in tents than others, but one thing that is sure to help is a warm and comfortable sleeping bag.

These sleeping bags will keep your little one comfortable when away from home, making it easier for them to get a good night’s sleep, whether it be on a camping trip or a sleepover.

Our top pick: Kathmandu Mini Globe Kids’ Sleeping Bag

The Mini Globe Sleeping Bag is a great choice for kids who want to sleep in style.

It has a synthetic fill that includes recycled polyester fibres and has a water repellent finish so can withstand light moisture and spills. It also comes with an adjustable drawcord, so you can adjust the fit as needed.

The two-way zip allows you to open up the foot end, which means your little one can stay comfortable while they sleep.

The draft tube stops warmth from escaping through the zipper, so it keeps your child warm even in cold weather conditions.

This sleeping bag even has a wide-shaped foot box for comfort and quick-drying fabric that makes it easy to care for.

It also includes a stuff sack for storage when not in use and comes in two different colours so you can pick one that matches your child’s personality.

Runner up: OZtrail Junior Kingsford Sleeping Bag

The OZtrail Junior Kingsford is the perfect kids’ sleeping bag for camping, sleepovers, and even just relaxing and staying warm on a cold night.

It’s affordable and high quality, with a temperature rating of 0°. The soft touch brushed polyester lining is comfortable against your child’s skin.

The contoured hood keeps your child warm all night long, while the roll-over chest cuff for added comfort ensures they’ll stay nice and snug. Meanwhile, the low noise material will keep them from waking up the whole campground.

The anti-snag webbing for easy zipping makes getting your kid into bed quick and easy, while the draft tube for extra warmth keeps them warm all night long.

Finally, this bag s machine washable for extra convenience and a compression stuff sack is included.

Best value: Coleman FyreFly Illumi Bug Sleeping Bag

This is a great sleeping bag for young campers, and the price point is very affordable. It will keep your child comfortable when it’s down to 7 degrees Celcius outside.

It comes in multiple colour options and glows in the dark so that it can be seen even when it’s pitch black outside.

This sleeping bag is designed for kids up to 165cm tall and comes with a stuff sack so it can be easily stored while not in use.

Also great: Wanderer MiniFlame Kid’s Sleeping Bag

The simple, classic design of the Wanderer Kid’s MiniFlame Hooded Sleeping Bag is ideal for families who want a functional bag without a high price tag. This well-designed bag is this review’s value pick.

The MiniFlame comes with a solid 0°C warmth rating and a soft-to-touch, yet durable polyester shell. The interior brushed polyester lining and the cosy hood make it a comfortable bag to bundle up in on cool nights.

The one high-quality zipper on this bag comes with anti-snag protection and will make it possible for your child to get in and out with ease. The bag even comes with its own stuff sack, so transport and storage will be simple and convenient.

Shape, size and weight

The shape of a sleeping bag impacts comfort as well as size and weight.

  • Rectangular bags are the most common. They can be a bit bulky to transport but are the most comfortable option.
  • Narrow mummy-style sleeping bags are lighter and warmer than their rectangular counterparts since they trap heat more effectively with their tapered shape. They’re great for hiking trips because they pack down smaller and weigh less.

Make sure you get a bag that is long enough for your child and think about whether you want o factor in a bit of room for them to grow.

However, keep in mind that if it’s too big for them that it won’t trap as much warmth.

Fill Material

When choosing a sleeping bag, it’s important to consider the fill material. Fill material refers to the stuffing inside of the sleeping bag which provides the insulation.

Good fill material should be able to hold heat when needed and easily let go of heat when it’s not needed.

The two common fill materials are synthetic (polyester) and down.

  • Polyester is cheaper than down, but it doesn’t insulate as well or pack down quite as small as its counterpart does. However, polyester is a lot easier to care for.
  • Down sleeping bags are more expensive than synthetic ones but they provide a better warmth-to-weight ratio and tend to breathe better as well. However, down loses its insulation properties if it gets wet and it can also be tricky to care for.

Temperature rating

The temperature rating is an important factor to consider when buying a kid’s sleeping bag.

The temperature rating tells you at what outside temperature the sleeping bag will keep the user comfortable.

It’s important to consider what type of conditions your child will be camping in. Try and get something that will cover most seasons.


The sleeping bag should be soft, comfortable, and warm, which will help your child fall asleep more easily.

Most sleeping bags have a polyester lining which is lightweight and easy to clean, while some feature a flannel lining which can provide an extra level of comfort.

Washing and care

You’ll want to look for a sleeping bag that is machine washable.

This will save you time and effort after each camping trip.

Extra features

  • Hood: A hood that can be pulled over a child’s head to keep them warm.
  • Pockets: On the inside or outside of the sleeping bag, providing room for storing small items like toys or flashlights.
  • Stuff sacks: These make it easier to pack up your sleeping bag after you’re done using it.
  • Full-length zipper: This feature allows parents to unzip their children’s sleeping bag all the way down, turning it into a blanket.
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