The Best Camp Showers in Australia for 2022

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Whether 4wd touring, hiking, or camping, sooner or later you’re going to wish you had an easy and reliable option for showering. There are several different types of products on the market in this space and the best solution for you will depend on your specific situation and needs. Below we outline the various alternatives and recommend our top product in each category, followed by detailed reviews. We hope this guide helps you with your search for the perfect shower solution for your next adventure!

Key Consideration: LPG vs Solar vs Other

Probably the main decision you need to make in your search for a camping shower is how you want to heat your water. The alternatives are:
1. LPG + battery (or mains)
2. Solar
3. Heat water over a fire, or take from other hot water sources

LPG + Battery powered hot water solutions are great for 4wd trips or for large groups or families. The main upside of this option is that as long as you have LPG, battery power, and a water supply, you can get hot water. In addition to showering, this opens up a range of other uses including cooking and cleaning. Probably the main advantage the LPB offerings have over other categories is that you can get hot water when you need it, without having to wait for the sun or other heat sources. Recommended product - Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite.

The obvious pro of solar is that it will work anywhere (where it’s warm and sunny) and you don’t need to worry about charging batteries. The other advantages of the solar options are that they are lightweight and much more affordable. Solar showers do usually require the bag of water to be lifted to a sufficient height which many people do struggle with. Recommended product - Companion Solar Shower 20L.

Products in the third category include a showerhead and a battery powered pump but you provide the hot water. Advantages of this category are that the products are lightweight, reliable and easy to use. Recommended product - Companion Rechargeable Camp Shower.

Camping Shower Categories:

LPG Powered Hot Water Showers

Top Choice:

Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite

Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis EliteBuy at

High volumes of hot water on demand

Rechargeable Camp showers

Top Choice:

Companion Rechargeable Camp Shower

Outdoor showerBuy at

Reliable, affordable
Requires a hot water source

Solar Showers

Top Choice:

Companion Solar Shower 20L

Solar showerBuy at

Lightweight, no power source required

Full Reviews:

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Best LPG Powered Hot Water Unit

Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite

Ideal for 4wd trips or for large groups, the H2Oasis Elite provides everything you could want from an outdoor hot water solution. One Coleman lightweight LPG bottle will heat up to 150 litres of water with a temperature of up to 50c. The machine itself is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery but can also be used with 240v and 12v adaptors.

Features include a four-setting shower head, full digital display with temperature and battery life, hook and loop on the shower head to hang anywhere, USB ports to charge other devices, 8-foot non-kink silicone hose, aluminium grab handles, and a handy mesh organiser.

While similar products in the past have traditionally been fairly heavy and bulky, at 5.5kg this product is fairly lightweight and compact. Dimensions are 42 x 25 x 53cm.

If the budget allows, we highly recommend making the investment in this great hot water unit from Coleman. This product comes with a 3-year warranty.

Best Rechargeable Camp Shower

Companion Rechargeable Camp Shower

If access to hot water is easy enough, then this rechargeable camp shower from Companion provides a great option.

Simply place the pump in a bucket of hot water, hang the showered on a hook or tree, or use the suction cup to attach to your car, and you’re ready to go.

The pump is very simple to use and takes up a small amount of space when packed. The lithium-ion battery can be recharged via a car adaptor or USB cable.

A great no-fuss shower option for your next camping trip.

Best Solar Shower

Companion Solar Shower 20L

Probably the most durable of the solar showers on the market, the Companion Camp Shower is a great option for those who think the benefits of a solar shower are closest aligned with their needs.

Companion is well known for producing tough, great quality outdoor gear and this is no exception. The materials on this shower are 600D ripstop polyester and clear PVC, while the construction is fully heat welded.

The 20-litre capacity bag provides approximately 8min of shower time. Handy features include a large front pocket for soap/shampoo storage, a water temperature gauge, and convenient velcro straps to adjust head height. The Companion Solar Shower rolls up into dimensions of 330L x 120W x 60Hmm and weighs 460g.

One thing campers sometimes do sometimes struggle with when using this type of shower is the need to lift 20 litres of water above your head to hook it up. This can be mitigated somewhat by getting help from a friend or devising a bully system. Either way, something to be aware of as you look into your options.


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