Coleman Instant Up 10P Gold Series Tent Review

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The market is flooded with tents but how many of them are actually reliable and good quality? A good camping trip needs a decent tent that will not only stand up against the elements but will also be spacious, easy to pitch, and have well-positioned ventilation.

In this review, we take a look at our top pick for family tents, the Coleman Instant Up 10P Gold, to help you decide if this is the right option for your family.

Who is the Coleman Instant Up Gold Tent for?

Full Capacity: 10 people
Recommended Capacity: 4-5 people
Weight: 30kg
Waterproofing: 3000mm

Pros: Excellent waterproofing, high-quality, easy access to each area, fast setup, value for money
Cons: Potential for rain to pool on awning, can catch the wind easily, room divider is a potential trip hazard

The Coleman Instant Up 10P Gold Series Tent is one of the most popular family tents on the market. Its size and features make it ideal for a family of 4 or 5.

Not only is it affordable, but thanks to its integrated frame and quick set up, this is a great choice for first-time campers. 

Getting Started with the Coleman Instant Up 10P Gold Series

One of the main features of the Instant Up 10P Gold Series is how easy it is to set up. The pre-attached frame removes a lot of the time and confusion of setting up camp. The hub pole design means this tent will be set up in a few minutes, a huge plus for campers of all experience levels.

The tent also comes with awning poles so you can pitch up to 2 awnings for additional shade, although it’s best to take these down in bad weather.

Features and Benefits


As mentioned, the Instant Up tent is designed to be pitched and ready for use in around 3 minutes.

This is thanks to the telescopic poles that are integrated with the tent meaning they don’t need to be removed and packed away separately like most other tent designs.

As a comparison, the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 person tent takes around 20 minutes to set up.

Being able to get the tent up and ready for use in just a few minutes is a huge help, particularly when you pull up to the campsite late. 


This 10 person tent is spacious, with internal dimensions of 420 x 295cm. This is large enough for a queen sized bed (you can even fit an already-inflated queen-sized bed through the door) and a couple of single beds making it perfect for a family of 4.

You can also fit 2 queen-sized beds in instead and still have plenty of room for storing gear. The max head height is 200cm so you will be able to stand up comfortably too. 

One of the downsides to this large tent is its weight. At 30kg it will need 2 people to carry it, but the heavy duty carry bag helps make this a bit easier.

As a contrast, the Wanderer Nightfall Dome tent is also a 10 person tent and weighs just 16.5kg so if you need to carry the tent easily with just one person this may be a more suitable option. 


One of the areas the Gold range stands out compared to the Coleman’s Silver range is in the weatherproofing.

The Gold uses 75/185D ripstop fabric and has a 3000mm waterproof rating, twice what the Silver range offers.

The only thing to remember with this tent is to take the awnings down during bad weather otherwise they can pool with water or become loose in strong wind. 


The Instant Up 10P Gold Series has a full side awning and another awning for the front door.

This provides plenty of shade but the awnings can pool with water which can cause damage so it’s best to only use them in fair weather. 


In addition to the large doors and windows, this tent also has vents around the bottom to help you keep cool when camping during hot summer nights.

The protective mesh makes sure you can enjoy airflow without insects getting in. 

Additional Features

The Gold Series is heavier duty than the Silver Series and you have the added benefit of additional user-friendly features.

This tent comes with a door mat to help clean shoes and stop grass and mud from being tracked into your sleeping area.

There are internal storage pockets and a power cord management system, both fairly standard features for this type of tent. You also get a durable carry bag for packing and storing the tent. 

What do users say about the Coleman Instant Up Gold?

This 10 person tent is a popular option for families, but it isn’t perfect.

Overall, this tent is considered to be spacious, well-designed and straightforward to set up but there are a few minor points of improvement such as the design of the internal room divider. 


  • Easy to put up – many customers have commented on how straightforward they found the setting up process. Some also said they pitched the tent alone without a problem. 
  • Value for money – overall, it seems most users find this tent to be strong and sturdy, offering excellent value for money. The size combined with the quality and the features make this one of the more user-friendly tents on the market.
  • Spacious – this is a great family tent. Many reviewers state they have been using it for their family of 4 or family of 5 with plenty of space for beds and gear. 


  • The internal room divider is a potential trip hazard – When the divider door is open it leaves a sill at the bottom that could be a tripping hazard.
  • Heavy – this tent weighs 30kg so it is one of the heavier tents on the market. Some customers would’ve preferred a more supportive carry bag e.g. a hard case or wheeled bag to make moving the packed tent easier for one person. 
  • Can catch the wind – the height and shape of this tent makes it more likely to catch the wind. Secure the guy ropes well and upgrade the pegs in high winds. 

Is the Coleman Instant Up 10P Gold Series Right For You?

Overall, the Instant Up 10P Gold Series Tent from Coleman has a lot to offer, particularly for families of 4-5.

It is a spacious, high-quality tent that is easy to pitch.

The multiple access points, large windows and additional vents ensure users will be comfortable during warmer nights.

The biggest areas of concern are the trip hazard of the internal room divider and how easily the tent catches the wind.

If the room divider is an issue for you there are other similar tents such as the Coleman WeatherMaster that have a different room design.

If you will be using this tent in high winds, make sure to securely fasten all guy ropes. Also, you may want to upgrade the tent pegs to help better support the structure. 

Pros: Excellent waterproofing, high-quality, easy access to each area, fast setup, value for money
Cons: Potential for rain to pool on awning, can catch the wind easily, room divider is a potential trip hazard


The Coleman Instant Up 10P Gold Series is a spacious, reliable and affordable family tent. It offers increased durability and comfort compared to the Silver range and it takes away the confusion and time-consuming nature of setting up a tent. 

If the 30kg total weight of this tent is unmanageable, take a look at the Coleman WeatherMaster or the Wanderer Nightfall Dome instead as these are lighter options better suited to portability.

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