Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Swag Review

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The Oztrail Mitchell Expedition has long been a popular swag across Australia. It has a reputation for being robust and reliable but is it the right swag for you? This in-depth review will help you find out. 

Who is the Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Swag for?

Material: 300gsm SatProof ripstop canvas
Size: 210cm x 83cm x 64cm
Weight: 6.3kg

Pros: Budget-friendly, lightweight, durable, lots of ventilation
Cons: Thin mattress, no storage bag

The Oztrail Mitchell Expedition is a practical swag that’s good for experienced campers and those who enjoy occasional trips during summer (or trips in warmer parts of Australia). The basic design includes great ventilation and an uninterrupted view of the stars. 

Getting Started with the Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Swag

The Mitchell Expedition Swag does not rely on a centre ridge pole like many swags do. Instead, it uses 3 alloy poles, one at each end and one in the middle of the swag. It can be tricky to get the rod through the canvas sleeve but this gets easier with practice. 

The swag is not freestanding although it is ridgepole compatible if you require a freestanding setup. Without the ridge pole, the swag does need to be tied down with the sturdy ropes and pegs that come with it. 

Earlier versions of this swag experienced issues regarding the durability of the poles but this has been resolved as the poles are now a high-quality, high-tensile Durallium 7001 alloy. 

Features and Benefits


The Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Single Swag is 210cm x 83cm. The swag is 64cm high at the head end and 37cm at the foot end so is much lower than most swags. It’s a good size as it offers enough space for one person with room left over for gear. 

The pack size is 28cm x 90cm so is compact and highly portable, ideal for 4wds. 


This swag uses a SatProof fabric alongside the conventional canvas material, this provides a much lighter swag that still offers the benefits of canvas. This is one of the reasons the Mitchell Expedition is the lightest swag we reviewed at 6.3kg. 

The canvas is 300gsm which is not as thick or durable as other swags on the market, this shouldn’t be an issue in drier/ warmer conditions but isn’t ideal for very wet conditions. For additional weather protection, the zippers are covered with canvas storm flaps to keep water out.


The top entry of the Mitchell Expedition makes getting in and out easy. Another thing that is good about the top entry without the ridgepole is you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the night sky when the canvas is rolled back.


One of the best features of this swag is the ventilation. The No-See-Um mesh offers excellent ventilation without letting any insects into your sleeping space. 

The canvas can be rolled back across the entire length of the swag and each end has a mesh window to help with airflow too. The awnings on the head and foot windows make sure you can keep the swag ventilated even in the rain. 


The mattress that comes with the Mitchell Expedition is 50mm high density open cell foam. This feels nice but it isn’t going to give you the most comfortable sleep.

However, you can easily add an extra layer of foam or replace the mattress with one of your choice if you’d like a bit more padding than the standard mattress offers. 

If this swag is for the odd overnight trip then the mattress may not be an issue but an upgrade will probably help you sleep better on longer trips.

What do users say about the Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Swag?

The Mitchell Expedition is a simple, no-frills swag that is good for experienced campers and those wanting to go on occasional summer trips. It is a budget-friendly choice and has seen some recent upgrades to improve the user experience.

Overall, the reviews are positive with most users happy with the quality and value for money of the Oztrail Mitchell Expedition. One of the biggest negatives is the included mattress, which isn’t as comfortable as the thicker mattress of some swags.


  • Plenty of ventilation – many users appreciated the ventilation options and the way the superfine mesh lets lots of fresh air in but no insects.
  • Large heavy duty pegs – another comment users made was on the quality of the pegs, they are longer and thicker than pegs you often get with swags. They hold the swag in position well with minimal movement.
  • Lightweight – the swag is easy to move around as it is compact and weighs only 6.3kg. 


  • Thin mattress – the included mattress isn’t great and many users have replaced it with a mattress of their choosing (or have added another foam layer) for improved comfort. 
  • Feeding the poles through the canvas can be awkward – setting up this swag is a little bit more fiddly than other models but after a few practices, it gets easier. 
  • No storage bag – the swag doesn’t come with a storage bag so it is more likely to get dirty or dusty in between uses. 

Is the Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Swag Right For You?

The Oztrail Mitchell Expedition offers practicality and comfort. It is reliable and simple in its features and design so is best for experienced campers and those heading out on summer adventures. This swag offers great value for money but isn’t going to bring the luxury of some other models that have a higher design or a thicker mattress. 

Pros: Budget-friendly, lightweight, durable, well ventilated
Cons: Thin mattress, no storage bag


Material: 300gsm SatProof ripstop canvas
Size: 210cm x 83cm x 64cm
Weight: 6.3kg

The Oztrail Mitchell Expedition is ideal for occasional campers in need of a reliable swag without the high price tag. It is particularly good for warmer weather as the ventilation of this swag is hard to beat. 


Are Oztrail swags good?

Yes, Oztrail swags are good quality and well-priced but tend to be better for use in warmer weather.

Are Oztrail swags waterproof?

The swags need to be seasoned to help ensure they are waterproof. The Oztrail swags use a thinner canvas combined with SatProof fabric so they should keep you dry in light-moderate weather but aren’t the best choice for heavy downpours. 

How do you set up a Mitchell Expedition Single Swag?

The Mitchell Expedition Swag has 3 poles, the two end poles need to be fed through the canvas sleeve and then hooked into position. Once the end poles are in place, the guy ropes should be secured and then the centre pole can be put into place. You will see the pins and tabs to secure this pole on the inside of the swag. 

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