Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag Review

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Swags are made to be small but sometimes they can feel too restrictive. Finding an affordable swag that offers enough space to comfortably fit 2 adults can be a challenge but that is exactly what the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag is designed for.

It might be spacious but does it tick all the other boxes? This review takes a closer look to help you decide if this is the right swag for you.

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Who is the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag for?

Material: 400gsm ripstop cotton canvas
Size: 210cm x 155cm x 100cm
Weight: 16.9kg

Pros: Spacious, budget-friendly, easy to set up
Cons: Hard to pack away, sides can sag reducing the inside space

The Big Daddy Deluxe is ideal for anyone looking for a budget-friendly, spacious and comfortable swag for occasional camping trips. It is a cheap alternative to premium brands but still offers the space and features needed for 2 people. 

Getting Started with the Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag

Upon first opening the Big Daddy Deluxe bag you will notice the swag itself is packed down very small. Once it has been opened and the mattress has been aired, it will not pack down to this size again. 

The swag does not come with a bag, but this can be purchased separately if needed. Without a bag, it’s best to store the swag rolled up with the rubber floor facing upwards so it stays clean and dry. 

The setup is simple and takes just a few minutes. Simply roll out the swag, peg the corners, set up the end loops and then insert the telescopic middle pole to create tension in the canvas. Once you peg the end ropes the swag is up and ready for use. One thing to keep in mind is that the Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag can be challenging to roll back up.  

Features and Benefits


The Big Daddy Deluxe is large, it measures 210cm x 155cm and offers a height of 100cm. This is the biggest swag we have reviewed so it’s great for anyone looking for something spacious. It is designed for two people and has a queen sized 70mm mattress. 

The large size of this swag often leads to it being compared to a small tent but the ease of set up, strong canvas and built-in mattress means there is no denying it is a swag. Due to its size, it is quite heavy and doesn’t roll up as compactly as some other options. You may need to store it on the roof rack or put your back seats down to fit the swag in the car.


This swag opens on both sides so you can get in and out from either side. The zippers are durable and good quality so they rarely catch or break. 


This is one of the largest swags we have reviewed. You can open the swag from either side and there are also zip down windows to help with ventilation and temperature control. There can be some sag in the sides which is something that is often experienced with longer swags but this can be sorted by pulling the sides tighter and securing them using rope. 


One key difference between the Big Daddy Deluxe and the Big Daddy is the ridge pole.

The Deluxe model has an adjustable ridge pole, this makes it much easier to set the swag up with the sides pulled tight.

The end poles of the Deluxe have also been upgraded to be thicker for extra strength. 


The swag has heaps of room inside and also has storage pockets so you can keep your phone, keys, and other valuables within reach. 


The 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas is good quality for the price of the swag, once it has been seasoned it is water-resistant and has strong stitching. This is not the best choice for heavy rain but it should keep you dry in light – moderate rain providing it has been seasoned.

Compared to the standard Big Daddy Double, the Deluxe comes with a thicker 70mm queen sized mattress. The thicker mattress is preferred by many and 70mm is the thickest mattress offered by the swags we have reviewed. 

What do users say about the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag?

The Big Daddy Deluxe Double is one of the most affordable swags on the market. It offers a good balance between cost and features. The swag has been widely reviewed, receiving a huge amount of praise for the size, quality and price. If you’re an occasional camper, you can’t go wrong with this swag. Some users have mentioned the swag is a challenge to pack away but it is much easier with 2 people to roll it up. 


  • Loads of room 
  • Value for money
  • Easy set up 


  • Difficult to pack away 
  • Sides can sack in the middle

Is the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Right For You?

The Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag is one of the best budget options on the market. It’s spacious and gives everything you need for occasional camping trips. With that said, it is heavy and bulky and it can be difficult to roll up after use. If you are a frequent camper then it may be worth spending a bit more on a higher quality option. 

Pros: Spacious, budget-friendly, easy to set up
Cons: Hard to pack away, the sides can sag


Material: 400gsm ripstop cotton canvas
Size: 210cm x 155cm x 100cm
Weight: 16.9kg

The Big Daddy Deluxe is a spacious swag that offers great value for money for occasional campers. It is one of the largest swags on the market so it doesn’t feel cramped with 2 adults inside. If you go camping a lot, it is worth looking at the Darche Dusk To Dawn Swag as it offers the high level of quality that is needed for taking regular trips. 


What size mattress is a Big Daddy Deluxe? 

The Deluxe comes with a 70mm queen-sized foam mattress, the Big Daddy Double (not deluxe) comes with a thinner 50mm mattress. 

How do you set up a Big Daddy Deluxe swag?

Simply roll out the swag, insert the end loops and then the adjustable centre pole. Adjust the pole size until it creates enough tension in the canvas and then secure it. You can peg the swag to help keep it stable. 

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