Crashpad Desert Swag Review

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Crashpad is a well-known brand that produces a range of overlanding products offering both quality and value for money. The Desert Swag is designed to be durable, functional and affordable.

In this review, we take a look at the Desert Swag to see if it ticks all the boxes. Use this review to help you decide if it’s the right swag for your adventures.

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Who is the Crashpad Desert Swag for?

Material: 410gsm hard coat canvas
Size: 205cm x 100cm x 73cm
Weight: 13kg

Pros: High-quality materials and construction, large canvas carry bag, 70mm mattress, ease of use
Cons: Plastic buckles on the wrap straps

The Crashpad Desert Swag is designed for adventurers. It is a great choice for overlanding trips of any length. As can be expected with the Crashpad brand, this swag is high-quality and works well in all climates. It’s easy to use, freestanding and has a thick mattress making it a great choice at a reasonable price.

Getting Started with the Crashpad Desert Swag

The freestanding Crashpad Desert Swag is quick to set up. It comes with a carry bag and the poles and pegs have their own PVC bag too. The canvas will need to be preconditioned before the first trip to ensure the seams are waterproof. 

The set up is the same as most swags with a pole at each end and one across its length; the poles are lightweight and easy to pitch so one person can set it up without a problem. However, the foldable support bar is not adjustable which can make it more challenging to clip into position.

Packing the swag down takes a bit of effort and the wrap straps could be more durable to cope with the strain. The carry bag is made from the same canvas as the swag, it is a good size and the side opening flap makes it easier to pack the swag away. 

Features and Benefits


The Desert Swag comes in two sizes; a king single that measures 205cm x 100cm with a height of 73cm, and a double that measures 210cm x 150cm with a height of 80cm.

The King Single weighs 13kg and when rolled up measures 100cm x 30/40cm making it easy to transport. 

High Quality Materials 

One of the best things about the Desert Swag is the all-around quality. The swag is made from 410gsm hard coat canvas, one of the thickest and most durable materials we’ve seen in swags. 

The swag is suitable for all weather conditions. The floor is made with heavy duty 600gsm PVC and the poles are aluminium. Every part of this swag is high-quality, this goes a long way in making it one of the most durable and reliable options available. 


Something that often comes hand in hand with good materials is good weatherproofing. The canvas is hard-coat waterproofed and the swag has full length storm flaps so no water will get in through the zips. 

In addition to keeping the rain out, the swag has super fine mesh on the entry doors and at the ends of the swag to provide ventilation without letting insects in.


The mattress that comes with the Desert Swag is a 70mm thick posture foam mattress.

This comes with a protective water resistant cover that can be removed for cleaning. The mattress is comfortable and is thick enough for a good night’s sleep wherever it’s used. 


Something that is overlooked by many competitors is the carry bag. Swags are designed to be highly mobile so having a quality carry bag helps to keep it safe and dry during travels. This is something Crashpad has got spot on. The swag comes with a canvas carry bag that ticks all the boxes. 

The canvas bag is large in size, has grab handles at each end and it opens up wide. The large size means you can roll up the swag with a sleeping bag and pillow still inside. 

This bag is high-quality, it has a handy pocket for the pegs and there is also an additional PVC bag to keep the poles and pegs safe and organized. 

Optional Stretcher 

There is an optional swag stretcher available that keeps you off the ground and makes it easier to get into. A stretcher can be a good option for keeping out of the elements.

We personally use this swag on a stretcher under an awning that keeps it out of the rain and dew.

What do users say about the Crashpad Desert Swag?

The Crashpad Desert Swag has been well received across Australia. Almost all reviews have mentioned the high-quality of the swag. There are lots of positive reviews and happy users, with only a couple of minor areas for improvement including the decision to use plastic buckles rather than metal ones on the wrap straps. 


  • Excellent Quality – this swag has been designed to handle Australian conditions and the high quality is something that impressed the majority of users. 
  • Oversized Storage Bag – the large storage bag with wide opening makes the swag quick and easy to pack away without needing to remove the bedding.
  • Comfortable – the 70mm mattress that comes with this swag is comfortable so this swag can be used exactly as it is for a comfortable sleep wherever you are. 


  • Plastic buckles – a minor point that was noted is the plastic buckles that hold the swag when it is rolled up. The plastic buckles on the wrap straps are put under strain and these buckles wear down quickly compared to metal D-rings. 
  • Pegs could be better – another user noted the pegs do not offer the same level of quality as the rest of the swag so these could be more heavy duty for use in stormy weather.

Is the Crashpad Desert Swag Right For You?

The Crashpad Desert is ideal for adventure seekers. It offers durability and practicality that will keep users dry and comfortable whatever the weather. This swag is designed with users in mind and is tested in Australian conditions. It is built to last and is among the best quality swags available. 

The plastic buckles are preferred by some users but these buckles don’t tend to last as long as other types so keep this in mind. 

Pros: High-quality materials and construction, large canvas carry bag, 70mm mattress, ease of use
Cons: Plastic buckles on the wrap straps


Material: 410gsm hard coat canvas
Size: 205cm x 100cm x 73cm
Weight: 13kg

The Crashpad Desert Swag is best suited to adventurers; it is a reliable, high-quality swag that can handle whatever you throw at it. It can be used in any weather conditions and is ideal for any length of time on the road.

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