Oztent RS-1 King Single Swag Review

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The Oztent RS-1 is a unique swag that looks like a blend between a tent and a swag rather than a traditional swag. It’s a design that is growing in popularity thanks to its key advantages such as space, sturdiness and extra features. However, it’s not for everyone. Use this RS-1 Series II review to help you figure out if it’s the best swag for you.

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Who is the Oztent RS-1 King Single Swag for?

Material: Ripstop polyester
Size: 215cm x 105cm x 100cm
Weight: 16.5kg

Pros: Fast set up, awning, high-quality, 100cm headroom
Cons: Thin mattress, large pack size, heavy

The Oztent RS-1 is ideal for one person looking for a spacious, unique and feature-filled swag. The awning is a great addition that has the potential to turn the swag into a more comfortable base, perfect when staying in the same spot for more than 1 night. 

People that are familiar with the Oztent RV tents will notice the RS-1 swag features the same 30 second set up frame. This is one of the factors that makes this swag more of a hybrid design that blurs the line between the RV tents and traditional swag. The frame makes it longer and heavier than the standard swag but it is also sturdy and fast to pitch and put away. 

Getting Started with the Oztent RS-1 Swag

The Oztent RS-1 comes in a large canvas bag with tie down ropes, pegs, 2 poles for the awning and a foldable 40mm mattress. The pegs and poles come in their own storage bags too which helps to keep everything well organized. 

The set up is quick and easy, the legs get folded out and then you sit in the doorway of the swag, reach back and pull the top pole up and forward. 

Once you have pulled the swag as forward as it will come, lean inside the swag and lock the legs into position. With the legs locked into position, secure them with the velcro tab to prevent the swag from folding down during use. The main body of the swag is now up but you will still have the pegs to put in, awning to put up etc. 

Features and Benefits


The RS-1 is a spacious swag, it is particularly generous when it comes to head room. With a height of 100cm you can sit up comfortably when inside the swag. The king single measures 215cm x 105cm so it is more than enough space for an adult and their gear. 

Set Up 

This swag offers the same 30 second set up design as the Oztent tents. The swag essentially uses the same frame, just a smaller version. It’s a simple set up as the two legs fold out and then the swag is pulled up into position.

This is different from other swag designs that come with 2 end poles and a centre pole. The benefit of the Oztent design is that it creates more of a rectangular shape offering plenty of headroom and internal space. Setting up the RS-1 is quick and easy (although 30 seconds is really only for the first step, it takes longer if you’re going to peg the swag down and set up the awning too). 

Unfortunately, you can’t leave your bedding in the RS-1 when you pack it away – something you are able to do with most traditional swags. 


Oztent are known for using high quality materials and, although the swag uses a different material to their tents, the ripstop polyester of the swag is thick, durable, and of excellent quality. This is an exclusive material used by Oztent and is both waterproof and fire retardant.

The swag floor is made of 350gsm PVC to keep users dry in wet weather. 


One of the unique features on the RS-1 is the two-sided awning. This is built-in and the swag comes with 2 extendable awning poles that can be used when the swag is on the ground or on a stretcher

One side of the awning is the same colour as the swag and the other side has a reflective backing. This means the awning can be pitched to give some outdoor shelter or it can be pulled backwards over the swag to reflect some of the sun and heat during summer. 


One of main upgrades seen on the Series II version of the RS-1 is the thicker 40mm mattress. This is not as thick and luxurious as some brands but is an improvement on the previous 25mm mattress. The 40mm mattress offers comfort without being bulky. 


The Series II version also has additional ventilation. There are multiple vents around the swag including at the head and the foot ends to help to prevent condensation and improve air circulation. 

Is the Oztent RS-1 Swag Right For You?

The Oztent RS-1 is a great choice for one person wanting to set up fast and enjoy a few luxuries most swags don’t offer (such as an awning). Although the mattress is only 40mm, it can easily be padded out with an extra blanket. The rest of this swag combines quality, reliability and luxury. It’s one of the best swags for fast pitching and plenty of space, particularly headspace.

Pros: Fast set up, built-in awning, high-quality, 100cm head room 
Cons: Thin mattress, large pack size, heavy 


Material: Ripstop polyester
Size: 215cm x 105cm x 100cm
Weight: 16.5kg

The RS-1 Version II is an innovative, feature-rich swag that has a set up based on the Oztent RV tents. In some ways it’s closer to a tent than a swag but it’s ideal for anyone looking for something spacious that can be up in an instant. The RS-1 includes an awning too and the design makes it ideal for Oztent enthusiasts. 


How do you pick a good swag? 

A good swag is made from high-quality canvas, has a 40-70mm mattress and can be set up in just a few minutes. It’s best to choose a swag from a reliable brand as these swags have been tried and tested and usually come with a decent warranty. 

What is the best swag to buy? 

The best swag to buy depends on your needs, there are a number of great all-rounder options such as the Darche Dusk to Dawn, Kings Big Daddy Deluxe or the Oztent RS-1. 

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