Wanderer Contour Double Swag Review

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Swags are an investment so they aren’t the kind of thing you want to replace often. When looking at swags online it can be difficult to work out what’s good and what’s not.

In this review, we take a closer look at the Wanderer Contour Double Swag. The Contour is one of the premium swags in the Wanderer range, but is it worth the extra cost? Use this in-depth review to help you determine if this is the right swag for you. 

Who is the Wanderer Contour Double Swag for?

Material: 450gsm ripstop cotton canvas
Size: 215cm x 140cm x 83cm
Weight: Not listed

Pros: Good value, comfortable, spacious, excellent quality canvas
Cons: Carry bag is small, swag is difficult to roll with the mattress inside

The Wanderer Contour Double Swag is a great option for those going on longer off-road adventures. It’s a swag that can handle a lot of use and its large size, quick set up and thick mattress makes it ideal for trips of any length. The Contour can also be used in all seasons thanks to the thick canvas that protects against snow and rain. 

Getting Started with Wanderer Contour Double Swag

The Wanderer Contour Double Swag is straightforward to set up. It has two end poles and an adjustable ridgepole that makes getting the right tension easier.

The swag takes a couple of minutes to set up but does need to be seasoned before the first use. 

After removing the swag from the carry bag and opening the vacuum packed mattress it is very difficult to get it back into the original bag. This is something to keep in mind if you plan to use the carry bag and want a swag that is easy to put away after use. 

Features and Benefits


This double swag measures 215cm x 140cm with 83cm of head space creating a spacious interior large enough for 2 people. 

Although the overall weight of this swag is not listed, it uses thick, heavy canvas and PVC so you can expect it to be one of the heavier swags available. With that said, it does use lightweight alloy poles to help keep the weight down and improve portability. 


One of the most noticeable factors about the Wanderer Contour is the quality of the canvas used. It has a strong 450gsm ripstop polycotton canvas, this is thick, waterproof and is complemented by the durable stitching. As the swag uses an adjustable ridgepole it is easier to adjust the tension to prevent the side panels from sagging. 

The 500gsm PVC bucket floor is also excellent quality and is reinforced. This quality PVC flooring helps keep water out and completely removes the need for a separate tarp under the swag. Thanks to the quality of the materials and the construction, this is a swag that can be used all year round.


Ventilation is an important part of any swag and the Wanderer Contour has mesh panels on the ends and sides making it easy to keep the swag cool in summer and free from condensation during the night. The mesh is no-see-um so offers protection from insects too. 

Unlike most swags on the market, the Contour can be opened at both ends as well as both sides for ease of use and access.


Something else that sets this swag apart is the high density foam mattress. It is thick and comfortable at 70mm and is good quality too.

This mattress helps to give users a quality night of sleep but does mean the swag is harder to roll up and pack away.

Carry Bag

The Wanderer Contour does come with a carry bag. However, the bag is quite small for the swag making it difficult to roll the Contour tight enough. This is because the mattress is originally vacuum packed so is much larger after the bag has been opened. 

What do users say about Wanderer Contour Double Swag?

Users have a lot of good to say about the Wanderer Contour, the double swag has been highly praised for its quality, ease of set up and comfortable mattress. However, in practice users noticed the swag was difficult to roll up and put away. This is mostly due to the small carry bag and the short wrap straps. 


  • Easy to set up – the swag uses lightweight poles and an adjustable spreader bar, overall it takes just a couple of minutes to set up.
  • Spacious – many users commented on how roomy the swag was, being able to fit 2 adults as well as additional gear (and, in some cases, a dog!).
  • Comfortable mattress – one of the recurring comments about the Wanderer Contour is how comfortable it is to sleep in. The 70mm mattress is clearly appreciated by most campers. 


  • Short Straps – the wrap straps are quite short which can make rolling the swag back up a challenge. 
  • Small Carry Bag – the carry bag is too small for it to be easily used. Unless you have multiple people rolling the swag back up, you may need to remove the mattress in order to get the swag back into the carry bag after use. This isn’t ideal as a swag should be able to be packed away with the mattress and sleeping bag still inside. 

Is the Wanderer Contour Double Swag Right For You?

The Wanderer Contour is a high-quality, durable and weatherproof swag that has been designed to handle Australia’s climate. It has lots of great features to offer any 4WD adventure. However, the difficulty of rolling this swag up and packing it away is worth taking into consideration. Purchasing a larger, higher quality carry bag could solve the problem but this is another expense on top of the swag itself. 

Pros: Good value, comfortable, spacious, excellent quality canvas
Cons: Carry bag is too small, difficult to roll with the mattress inside


Material: 450gsm ripstop cotton canvas
Size: 215cm x 140cm x 83cm
Weight: Not listed

The Contour Swag is a durable, reliable and spacious freestanding swag. It’s a great option for off road adventures where campers are looking for comfort and reliable protection from the weather. However, this isn’t a swag that is easy to roll up tightly so isn’t ideal if you’re in a rush to pack up in the mornings.

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