Zempire Airforce 1 V2 Air Tent Review

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A good tent is essential for any camping trip but finding the right one for your family can be a challenge.

The Zempire Airforce 1 V2 is an impressive air cabin tent, but is it the right one for your next camping trip? In this review, we’ve taken a closer look at this groundbreaking tent to help you decide.

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Who is the Zempire Airforce 1 V2 for?

Full Capacity: 10 people
Recommended Capacity: 4-6 people
Weight: 57.1kg
Waterproofing: 1200mm

Pros: 5-year warranty, large size, high-quality canvas, no poles, single point inflation
Cons: Very heavy, inflated with a hand pump

The Zempire Airforce 1 V2 is a cabin-style air tent ideal for families of up to 6 people looking to camp in comfort.

With no poles to worry about, the Airforce can be inflated in just a few minutes and offers a range of user-friendly features to make camping more enjoyable.

Getting Started with the Zempire Airforce 1 V2 Air Canvas Cabin

The Airforce 1 V2 comes with an emergency repair kit, a high pressure pump, a bedroom dividing curtain and an awning pole set. This is all packed into a canvas carry bag and the kit weighs a total of 57.1kg so don’t expect to be able to move this around on your own. This is by far the heaviest tent we have reviewed.  

Once you have laid the tent out ready for inflation it takes around 5 minutes to pump up from the single inflation point (bear in mind this is via a hand pump so it can be a bit of a workout to get the 7-9psi pressure). Once you pitch this tent for the first time it will need to be weathered as it is canvas. This simply means you need to soak the fabric so it can become more watertight. The more use this tent gets, the better its waterproof properties will be. 

Features and Benefits

Inflatable Frame 

The inflatable frame is a unique feature of this tent. It has a free standing design and the entire tent (including the awning) is inflated from a single point.

This helps make setting it up easy and means the process only takes around 5 minutes.

Throughout the inside of the tent there are airlock taps and deflate taps. The airlock taps can be closed off when necessary to stabilize air pressure and the deflate taps give users multiple deflation points so putting the tent away is quick and easy. 


The frame is high-quality and well designed to ensure the tent is sturdy. The tent is made from polycotton canvas which is known for being durable. The canvas has also been torrential rain tested and its waterproofing qualities increase the more the tent is used.  


This tent offers 650cm x 360cm of living space, including the awning area. There are two inside rooms, the first measures 215cm x 360cm and the second is slightly larger at 225cm x 360cm. 

The second room can conveniently be divided in half with a removable curtain to make 2 separate bedrooms. With the 2 bedrooms this tent can comfortably accommodate 4-6 people. 


A key consideration when organizing kit and living arrangements is the access points. The front room has 3 doors but the backroom features large mesh windows rather than doors so access to the back bedroom is only available via the front room . 


One factor that can instantly make a tent more comfortable to spend time in is having enough headroom. Fortunately, this is an area the Zempire Airforce 1 V2 has not overlooked.

The interior design of this tent gives 210cm of headroom along the entire length of the tent. This means there is plenty of space for adults to walk around inside the tent without crouching. 

The roof is peaked to allow rain to roll off the canvas so there is a gradual slope of around 50cm from the centre of the roof to the outer edge. 


The polycotton canvas is a breathable material that helps to prevent condensation inside the tent. In addition to this, the tent has 4 large mesh windows, 2 three-way windows and a large mesh door so you can zip these as needed to adjust the airflow. 

Is the Zempire Airforce 1 V2 Air Canvas Cabin Tent Right For You?

The Zempire Airforce 1 V2 is an impressive tent that offers comfort, convenience and ease of use. With no poles to worry about, the frame can be fully inflated in around 5 minutes and offers campers a spacious, sturdy base. The biggest downside to this tent is the total weight of 57.1kg. If you can handle a tent this weight then it is a great choice for families wanting to camp in comfort.

Pros: 5 year warranty, large size, high-quality canvas, no poles, single point inflation
Cons: Very heavy (57.1kg), inflated with hand pump


Full Capacity: 10 people
Recommended Capacity: 4-6 people
Weight: 57.1kg
Waterproofing: 1200mm

The Airforce 1 V2 is a unique air tent that offers a quick and pole-free set up so families can have their tent up and ready in just a few minutes. The cabin style offers plenty of height and space and the adjustable multi-room design is ideal for families of 4-6 people.  


How big of a tent do I need for a family of 4?

A family of 4 will be most comfortable in a 8-10 person tent.

What are the best tent brands in Australia?

There are lots of great tent brands in Australia including Oztrail, Coleman, Oztent and Zempire. 

What is the best family tent to buy?

The best family tent depends on how many people are camping as well as the age range, time of year and location. A 6-10 person tent from a trusted brand will make a comfortable choice for a family, but always look at the features before buying. 

Are Zempire tents any good?

New Zealand brand Zempire has a strong reputation for producing high-quality and innovative tents that are built to last. Zempire is one of the top tent brands in Australia. 

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