Dometic 12V Rooftop Tent Review

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A quality rooftop tent can provide a huge amount of freedom when it comes to camping. However, there are lots of options to choose from and each tent has something slightly different to offer.

In this review we take a look at the Dometic 12V Rooftop 4WD Tent (also known as the TRT120E). This tent brings modern convenience to roof top camping with a unique remote control setup. Use this in-depth review to decide if this is the best rooftop tent for you. 

Who is the Dometic 12V Rooftop 4WD Tent for?

Size: 200cm x 120cm x 110cm
Weight: 56kg
Material: Dual-layer fabric, PVC, aluminium alloy frame
Capacity: 2 people

Pros: Powered set up, durable, good in all weather
Cons: Smaller than other options, requires 12V battery

The Dometic 12V Rooftop Tent uses a wireless remote control for set up making it ideal for campers looking for convenience and user-friendly features. 

It has a two layer construction that provides insulation and weather protection meaning it can be used comfortably year-round. The Dometic 12V Rooftop Tent is quite compact so is best for either solo travellers or a couple. 

Getting Started with the Dometic 12V Rooftop 4WD Tent 

The Dometic 12V Rooftop 4WD Tent is quick and easy to set up. After attaching it to the vehicle roof you simply need to remove the cover and ladder then plug the 12V power cable into a battery source. Press “up” on the remote control and the tent will set itself up. 

Don’t forget to attach the front pole to the front support frame and the tent is ready for use. 

There is a handy storage pocket at the front of the tent for keeping the power cable safe in between uses.

The tent also comes with spare poles so if the motorized set up cannot be used or does not work it can be removed and replaced with the manual poles.  

Features and Benefits

Size & Weight

The Dometic 12V RTT offers enough space for 2 people with an internal area for 200cm x 120cm and a height of 110cm. This is more compact than other options but can still comfortably fit up to 2 people with additional space for bags. 

This tent is durable but relatively lightweight at 56kg thanks to the aluminium alloy frame and the telescopic aluminium ladder.


The TRT120E Rooftop Tent is designed to withstand all weather conditions. It has a two-layer construction that is water-resistant and UPF 50+. It also offers good insulation for use in winter. 

The heavy-duty PVC tent cover offers additional water protection and UV protection to keep the tent protected when packed away too.

Set Up 

One of the unique things about this tent is that it comes with a remote control. The tent can be set up in less than a minute using the remote so getting the tent ready for use couldn’t be easier.

There is a 12V power cable that needs to be plugged into a battery for the motorized set up to work.

If there is any reason for the motor not to work, the tent comes with manual poles stored in the back of the case so it can be manually set up at any time too. This does take a few minutes as the motorized struts need to be disconnected and replaced with the regular poles. 


There are 4 double-layered windows that make it easy to adjust the airflow inside the tent as needed. The fine mesh panels ensure there is lots of ventilation without any insects getting into the sleeping area so campers can sleep comfortably.


The 50mm mattress is large enough for 2 people but is slightly firmer than most standard RTT mattresses. An extra layer of foam can help make the tent more comfortable. 


There are a few pockets inside the tent, these are positioned up near the roof which helps to keep the floor space free and your valuables safe. 

One of the features that is particularly useful is the bootbags at the entranceway. There is one boot bag on each side of the door so dirty boots can be left outside while keeping them protected and off the ground. 

Is the Dometic 12V Rooftop 4WD Tent Right For You?

Size: 200cm x 120cm x 110cm
Weight: 56kg
Material: Dual-layer fabric, PVC, aluminium alloy frame
Capacity: 2 people

Pros: Powered set up, durable, good in all weather
Cons: Smaller than other options, requires 12V battery

The Dometic 12V Rooftop 4WD Tent is a unique option that offers a remote controlled setup that is great for anyone looking for a convenient, user-friendly model.

This is a robust tent that can handle all weather conditions and it is a good size for up to 2 people. The interior is slightly smaller than similar rooftop tents on the market and the mattress is quite firm at 50mm.


The Dometic 12V Rooftop 4WD Tent is a comfortable, high-quality roof top tent that can be put up at the touch of a button. It is a convenient option that allows campers to focus on the trip rather than setting up camp. 


Are roof top tents comfortable?

Yes, a good quality rooftop tent offers a comfortable sleeping spot. The high density foam mattress is not going to be as comfortable as a real mattress but it’s good enough and can easily be padded out with an extra blanket or additional layer of foam. 

How much weight can you put on roof racks? 

The maximum weight limit will depend on the vehicle and the roof rack being used. Most roof racks have a maximum weight capacity of around 75kg but it’s important users check their vehicle roof weight capacity and their roof rack capacity too. 

How heavy is a roof top tent?

Rooftop tents can be anywhere from 40kg – 95kg. The size, style and materials of the RTT will determine the overall weight. 

Are rooftop tents worth the money?

A good quality rooftop rent is worth the money if you are going to use it regularly. It offers convenience and added safety compared to a regular tent. 

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