Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Review

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In our view, the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent is by far the best value on the market, costing around half the price of competitor products.

Wondering whether the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent is right for you?

This in-depth review takes a look at the features, durability, size, and overall quality of the Adventure Kings roof top tent so you can decide whether it’s a good choice for your adventures.

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Who is the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent for?

Size: 310cm x 130cm x 134cm
Weight: 57kg
Material: 320gsm ripstop canvas
Capacity: 2 people

Pros: Easy setup, quality materials, good ventilation
Cons: Zippers get caught and break easily

The Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent is ideal for people looking for a spacious, low-cost option. It’s best suited for short-term or occasional trips rather than expeditions.  

Getting Started with the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent

Adventure Kings say this tent can be set up in around 3 minutes but it does take longer than this for almost all users. 

The first time for most people is going to take around 20 minutes, but this will be quicker if there is someone to help and once you’re more familiar with the set up.

After a few practices, it should take around 10 minutes to put the tent up and a little bit longer to put it away. 

Features and Benefits

Size & Weight 

The inside of the tent measures 310cm x 130cm x 134cm. This is one of the more spacious rooftop tents on the market and offers enough room for sleeping comfortably with additional space for storing bags.

When the Adventure Kings tent is packed away it sits at 35cm high. This is quite high compared to other roof top tents so there is likely to be some drag when driving as well as increased fuel consumption. 

Despite the additional height, this rooftop tent weighs 57kg which makes it one of the lighter options. It does still require 2 people to move it around and put it onto the vehicle.


The tent is made from 320gsm canvas. This thick canvas is durable, breathable and has excellent weather resistance.

Although Kings say the tent doesn’t need to be seasoned, as it is canvas it is worthwhile to season it before the first use just to make sure it is as waterproof as possible.

There is also an included fly that adds another layer of protection to keep the inner canvas protected and in good condition. 


The Adventure Kings tent comes with a 75mm mattress. This is one of the thicker mattresses provided in rooftop tents so it offers a comfortable bed after a long day exploring.

The Kings tent features a 75mm mattress and two side windows

A great feature is that there is enough space for bedding to be left inside the tent when it comes time to pack up. This makes set up even easier when moving from place to place. 


Overall, the Adventure Kings rooftop tent is durable and it holds up well against bad weather. However, some of the finer details such as the mattress stitching and zipper could be more durable. But for the price, the quality of this tent is good and it comes with a 1 year warranty too.  

The heavy duty transit bag is an important feature as it ensures the tent remains dry and protected during travels between uses.


This Adventure Kings tent offers 2 side windows and a large doorway. The windows can be protected with awnings and each one has a mesh panel to prevent insects from getting into the sleeping area. 

While there are less ventilation options than other tents on the market, the canvas is also breathable and the windows help to control the temperature and air circulation. 


A unique feature of the Adventure Kings tent is the included awning that provides additional shelter outside of the entrance door and over the access ladder. 

There are also pre-tensioned awning poles that can be used over the windows so you can keep the canvas windows open without rain getting in. 

What do users say about the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent?

The Adventure Kings RTT has received a lot of feedback from users, most of which is positive. 

A high number of users have commented on how roomy the tent is, the high quality of the material and the overall value for money.

There are a few areas for improvement, mostly relating to the durability of parts of the tent such as the zippers which can get caught and break easily. 

The durability concerns are not too surprising considering this rooftop tent is available for around half the price of competitor products. Thankfully the issues have been small and easy to fix which has meant campers have had an overall positive experience with this roof top tent.  


  • Value – this low cost rooftop tent offers excellent value for money
  • Good quality – many reviewers are pleased with the quality of the materials used and have commented on the feel and look of the tent too
  • Spacious – many reviewers mentioned how spacious and comfortable it is inside the tent


  • Zipper gets stuck during pack up – one point of frustration has been that the canvas of the tent gets stuck in the zipper during pack up, this can be difficult to remove and makes packing up take longer.
  • Ladder feels flimsy – some reviews mentioned that the aluminium ladder does not feel sturdy underfoot, particularly for heavier people.

Is the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Right For You?

Size: 310cm x 130cm x 134cm
Weight: 57kg
Material: 320gsm ripstop canvas
Capacity: 2 people

Pros: Easy setup, quality materials, good ventilation
Cons: Zippers get caught and break easily

The Kings Roof Top Tent is one of the top products available for occasional campers. It is available at a low price and offers lots of space. However, it can be time consuming to set up and there are a few areas where the build quality could be better. 

This is why the Adventure Kings RTT is best for short trips and for people wanting a rooftop tent that won’t go over their budget.


The Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent is an excellent entry level option for people who enjoy occasional camping trips and for those looking for a low cost rooftop tent.

This is an excellent value-for-money tent that will give campers a comfortable place to sleep without the high price tag. 

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