Adventure Kings Grand Tourer MKII Roof Top Tent Review

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Finding a high-quality hard shell rooftop tent that won’t break the bank can be a challenge. 

There are a few options on the market but they aren’t all made to the same standard, and many are so expensive they are unrealistic for most people.

In this review, we do a deep dive on the Adventure Kings Grand Tourer MKII rooftop tent. 

Designed to be affordable and reliable, the MKII is the updated version of the Grand Tourer. Below, we take a closer look at the tent and its upgrades to help you determine if this is the right rooftop tent for you.

Who is the Adventure Kings Grand Tourer MKII for?

Size: 235.5cm x 147.6cm x 170cm
Weight: 93.5kg
Material: 320gsm ripstop canvas, aluminium alloy
Capacity: 2 people

Pros: Spacious, wrap-around awning, excellent ventilation
Cons: Bulky, not best for heavy rain

The Adventure Kings Grand Tourer MKII is a feature-rich hardshell rooftop tent that is great for campers wanting a fast and easy set up.

This RTT is user-friendly and it’s complete with features such as a wrap-around awning so there’s no need for extra accessories.

Getting Started with the Grand Tourer MKII

This rooftop tent comes with a telescopic ladder, a heavy duty mounting kit and a 75mm mattress. 

The MKII is incredibly fast to set up. Once the rooftop tent is installed, it can be up and ready for use within two minutes.

The latches simply need to be unclipped and then the lid can be pushed up and the gas struts do the rest. Once the tent is up there is an aluminium support pole that should be put into place. Then put the awning poles into position and the tent is ready for use.

Features and Benefits

Size & Weight

The Kings Grand Tourer is 235.5cm x 147.6cm and offers an impressive height of 170cm.

This is great for sitting comfortably inside the tent and has plenty of space for 2 people as well as extra space for bags.

When packed away the height is only 29.5cm. This low profile design keeps drag to a minimum. 

However, because of its hard shell design, it weighs 93.5kg, so it is very heavy which will impact fuel consumption. 


The canvas of this tent is 100% waterproof, the windows have mozzie-proof mesh and the insulated roof and flooring are finished with plush carpet.

Another important detail is the seams have also been stitched and taped to help prevent leaks. All of these features help to keep this tent comfortable in any weather conditions. 

One of the key updates on the MKII is the thick seal that keeps the tent dry when in transit mode. This has been put into place to help stop water and dust from getting into the tent during travel.

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This tent has large windows for plenty of air flow and minimum condensation. Sometimes air circulation can feel limited in a hardshell rooftop tent but this is not the case with the MKII. 

There is also a wrap-around awning that is useful for protecting the windows from the weather so campers can enjoy the fresh air and views. 


The mattress in the MKII is impressive. It is large at 228cm x 140cm and is 75mm thick making it one of the thicker mattresses offered with rooftop tents.

The mattress also has a soft quilted top which is removable and machine washable. 


The Grand Tourer MKII is made with quality, heavy-duty materials including aircraft-grade aluminium alloy.

All of the fittings are made from stainless steel to offer strength and reliability.

This latest model has an aluminium support pole as part of the upgrade to help reduce the load on the gas struts, which were occasionally losing their power in the previous model. 

The walls of the tent are made from 320gsm ripstop canvas and the floor and roof are insulated to help keep the tent at a comfortable temperature. 


There are handy internal pockets positioned inside the tent at both sides. These pockets are a good size and are ideal for storing valuables.

One of the great features that makes life easier is the 130mm of internal storage space that’s available when the tent is packed away, this means there’s enough space to leave the bedding and clothes inside so everything is already in position for the next night.

When on the go, the lid of the tent box is able to bear weight and also has a roof mounting system. This allows you to mount extra gear such as sports equipment or solar panels onto the rooftop tent box.   

What do users say about the Grand Tourer MKII?

Overall, the Grant Tourer MKII has been well-received, with many users having positive experiences. However, it’s not perfect and some users have faced weatherproofing issues where the tent has leaked or water has got into the box during transport. 


  • Quick set-up time – One of the biggest positives with the Grand Tourer MKII is the ease of use. The tent can be set up in a couple of minutes and bedding can be left inside so the tent is ready for use in no time. 
  • High-quality Materials – Many reviewers mention the solid build of the tent and the good quality of the materials used. 


  • Leaks – There are a few users who have had issues with the tent leaking. Some users found the tent had become wet after being packed away due to water getting through the seals. This is something the thicker seals on the latest version have been designed to prevent. The updated version also has stitched and taped seams. 
  • Firm mattress – Some users have found the mattress very firm and is more comfortable with an added topper. 

Is The Grand Tourer MKII Right For You?

Size: 235.5cm x 147.6cm x 170cm
Weight: 93.5kg
Material: 320gsm ripstop canvas, aluminium alloy
Capacity: 2 people

Pros: Spacious, wrap-around awning, excellent ventilation
Cons: Bulky, not best for heavy rain

The Adventure Kings Grand Tourer MKII is a premium RTT that combines comfort and usability. 

It can be put up in a matter of minutes and offers enough space for solo travellers or couples. 

However, the design has experienced some weatherproofing issues so it may not be the best choice for use in extreme weather and heavy rain. 


The Grand Tourer MKII is great for 1-2 people looking for a comfortable, spacious and easy to set up rooftop tent.

The latest version has rectified some of the past issues to create a stronger and more reliable RTT. 


Are Kings roof top tents any good? 

Yes, Kings roof top tents are a spacious and affordable option that are great for those on a budget. 

What size mattress is in a Kings roof top tent? 

The Grand Tourer MKII has a 75mm high density foam mattress that measures 228cm x 140cm. 

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