Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Roofrack Review

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Rhino Rack is a well-known Australian roof rack and accessory company that offers a number of different roof rack products.

I had the Pioneer Platform-style installed on my Landcruiser with the backbone system for six months.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 2128 x 1426 x 135mm
  • Product Weight: 35kg
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Load Rating: 100kg


The Rhino Rack design is what sets it apart from its competitors, including the Rola titan tray. It has a super low profile design that not only looks great but minimises any noise from driving at highway speeds.

The rack is made out of lightweight aluminium that reduces the overall load and therefore maximises the weight you can store on your roof.

At only 30 kg, this leaves you ~100 kilograms of load rating (suitable for rooftop tents). The backbone system also evenly distributes the weight over the roof.


One of the most significant selling points of the Rhino Rack system is the number of accessories you can install on it. I have installed several Rhino rack and third party accessories using the t-channel’s built into each crossbar.

Some of the more common accessories that can be installed include:

  • Awning mount
  • Maxtrax mount
  • Gas bottle mount
  • Tiedown points
  • High lift jack mount

Some of the third party accessories I have used include:

  • Kaon maxtrax mount
  • Rola gas bottle mount
  • Darche Awning


I highly recommend the Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Roofrack.

While it is a more expensive roof rack, its high quality and wide range of features make it a great piece of kit for any 4WD. For those considering lower-cost options, I would recommend the Adventure Kings Roof Rack.

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