Method NV 305 Wheel Review

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  • Version: Method 305 NV Machined Faced
  • Offset:+20
  • Cost: $400+ per rim

The method NV range of wheels is a popular choice for those wanting rims that are suitable for off-road travel and wanting to change the look of their vehicle.

I have had the Method NV’s on my 200 series Landcruiser for six months, and I love the look when paired with aggressive Nitto all-terrain tires. After six months of road and offroad use, I thought it would share my views on these rims for those considering purchasing them in the future. 

There are a couple of downsides that you should consider before buying these for your vehicle:

  • Water pooling: Due to the lip on the rim, water will pool at the bottom and can leave a water stain that needs to be washed regularly. To help avoid this I dry the wheels after washing them using a cloth. I have the machine faced rims, and it might be less noticeable with the black versions.
  • Scratching when used offroad: These rims are not suitable if you are tacking very rocky tracks. Due to the fake Beadlock outer rim, these can scratch and mark easily. 
  • Build up of mud/sand inside: Sand/mud can build up inside the rim and can cause the wheels to become unbalanced. This happened to me while travelling through the Big Desert National Park and resulted in the car violently shaking when going over 80km/h.  

Overall I would recommend and purchase these rims again for another 4wd. However, it should be noted they are not as suited for those wanting to travel on challenging 4wd tracks.