Outdoor Connection Bedarra 2R Dome Tent Review

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Zempire Airforce 1 V2 Air Tent Review

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Wanderer Contour Double Swag Review

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Oztent RS-1 King Single Swag Review

The Oztent RS-1 is a unique swag that looks like a blend between a tent and a swag rather than a traditional swag. It’s a design that is growing in popularity thanks to its key advantages such as space, sturdiness and extra features. However, it’s not for everyone. Use this RS-1 Series II review to … Read more

XTM 4×4 Double Swag Review

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Crashpad Desert Swag Review

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Weisshorn Double Swag Review

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Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Swag Review

The Oztrail Mitchell Expedition has long been a popular swag across Australia. It has a reputation for being robust and reliable but is it the right swag for you? This in-depth review will help you find out.  Who is the Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Swag for? Material: 300gsm SatProof ripstop canvasSize: 210cm x 83cm x 64cmWeight: … Read more